Become a Mentor to Your Mind

What is the IHT~Way?

The IHT~Way is a Quantum mind training method for you to learn how to communicate with your conscious and unconscious mind to impact change in your life in a positive direction. It provides a system that you can easily apply to anything you find troublesome in your life and shift your mind and your life into greener pastures.

What can I expect from an IHT~Way Session?

- Introduction to life changing tools that will help you master your mind
- Generate wellness through applying techniques to relieve yourself of pain, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions
-The ability to self-study where you are now and to move forward to positively change your life towards the attainment of your goals.

It is time to elevate your mind hygiene routine!

- Manage your mental health in a new way with a compassionate coach

- Deliver onto yourself the freedom to feel how you want to feel with all the stress taken out of the process.

- Bask in the firsthand experience in real-time of how your body and mind work in tandem

Rise your mind to the occasion

Wellness Prescriptions for Your Invincible Body & Mind with Robert Fogerite


Medford, OR, 97504, US


I work through the Spiritual, Energetic & Quantum Field that connects us all.

Creation Healing is an Energetic & Spiritual Healing technique providing an up-leveling of your energy field and a clearing of imbalances in your chakra's,  creating rejuvenation, re-balancing & well being.

IHT~Way coaching provides you with  empowering techniques to master your mind.